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August 27th, 2004

02:03 pm
why am i on livejournal?? oh yeah, 'cause i'm a pathetic loser with nothing better to do with my time.
i feel like shit. i think i might vomit. i haven't stepped a foot outside of my house today. actually, the only time i left this room was to shower and to go upstairs to get clothes.
i'm home alone. i can't decide whether that's bad or good. i guess it's really neither.
i also feel pretty depressed. i'm wondering if moving to tucson was such a good idea.
maybe i'll call my cousin. so she can stand me up again. there's no one else to call.
my sister will ask me if i want to come "party" with her tonight and i will have to turn her down for the 25th time this summer.
i had a bad dream about a blonde who got raped. i'm not sure exactly what it means.
i haven't talked to steve in forever. so, if you happen to read this, please email me or comment. i will soon be living in the same state as you.
i'm lonely.
i think i might vomit.
there's got to be SOMEONE i can call.

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